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Starting a new Business?

BettaWalka Pro can help!

Getting paid with BettaWalka ProIt can be a bit of a shock to discover all of those things that you need to do to get your business off of the ground.

Fortunately, BettaWalka can help. For a start, BettaWalka Pro offers you a standard, easy, way to manage your Appointments and get Paid.

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Things to know

Today's Appointments Manager
The Manage Today's Appointments tool is a unique way to quickly make the changes that your customers spring on you at the last moment.
The tool features the color coding found throughout BettaWalka Pro helping you understand at a glance how each of your walkers is progressing through their day.
Actually, the Manage Today's Appointments tool looks and works identically to our iPhone and Blackberry applications, which means that you only have to learn one easy-to-use tool in order to be able to take advantage of all of them.
Don't you wish that your business management software was this easy to use? Click here to learn more about the Manage Today's Appointments tool.

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Text Messaging Interface
Text Messaging Overview

BettaWalka is the first to offer the convenience and power of an automatic text messaging system to Dog Walkers and Pet Sitters.The BettaWalka Pro system enables you and your employees to get their schedule, report their activities and manage schedule changes from their text-message or email enabled mobile phone.

Our text messaging system was designed into BettaWalka Pro as a core part of the system design which is why it is able to give users such broad access to the features they need.

We believe that text messaging should be a tool, not an annoyance. Nobody wants to receive automatic text messages in the middle of the night. for that reason we built in the ability to automatically stop sending messages to your walkers during a customizable quiet time - eg, between 7pm and 7am. In addition, we automatically won't send messages to your walkers during their scheduled Vacation days.

Also available over email
All of the text messaging functionality is also available over email for users who prefer that over text messaging.
Getting the Schedule

Most software for Dog-Walking and Pet Sitting professionals offer the ability to daily email schedules to walkers. BettaWalka Pro is the only system that extends this to text messaging.With BettaWalka pro, your walkers don't have to print off their schedule from email to bring it with them – they can request and receive their schedule on their phone, using our  innovative text messaging system.

Walkers can choose to receive the current day's appointments, or their schedule from any day in the future. They can also choose between receiving the whole schedule including the reported status of activities that have already happened; receiving only the activities that are left to complete; the activities for the morning or afternoon only; etc.

By itself, this innovative feature already sets BettaWalka Pro above other solution, but the Schedule part of the text message interface is more powerful than just sending fixed schedules at the beginning of the day. BettaWalka Pro also sends your walkers update text messages whenever their schedule, even if the change is at the last minute and even when the changes have been made by other walkers through their Cellphone, iPhone or Blackberry.

Changes to the Schedule

Customers always seem to change their plans at the last minute. Only BettaWalka Pro with its unique advanced text-messaging system sends your walkers/sitters update messages right to their phone when their schedule changes.

If you add an appointment, the walker will receive a text message with the time, type and Client name.

If you cancel an appointment on the day of the appointment, the walker will receive a text message telling them.

If you need to switch an appointment from one walker to another, both walkers will receive text messages.

If you need to change the type of a service, the walker will receive a text message telling them that the type has changed.

Reporting Activity

The BettaWalka Pro text messaging system is the only system to let walkers report completed activities from their cell phones. This way, even walkers with normal cell phones can record what actually happened during their day, as they actually perform their services.

The BettaWalka Pro text messaging system features a patent-pending command system that lets walkers report using the minimum number of key presses possible.

If walkers arrive at a home only to find that the Client is not there, they can report this using the text messaging system, generating a record of exactly what happened. Even better, you can configure a set of missed reasons, along with rules about whether to charge the customer, so that these events are automatically handled the way you want, without any extra effort.

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