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Starting a new Business?

BettaWalka Pro can help!

Getting paid with BettaWalka ProIt can be a bit of a shock to discover all of those things that you need to do to get your business off of the ground.

Fortunately, BettaWalka can help. For a start, BettaWalka Pro offers you a standard, easy, way to manage your Appointments and get Paid.

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Things to know

The Company Holiday Manager
Taking time off on a Public Holiday shouldn't be a management headache; BettaWalka Pro makes it easy.
Just go to the Company Holiday page and enter a new holiday name and date. Review the displayed list of appointments, and then click Activate to cancel them all.
From that point on, BettaWalka Pro will prevents you from accidentally scheduling new appointments on that date. When you do want to make an appointment on the Holiday, BettaWalka Pro will intelligently select the correct holiday pricing.

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Invoices and Service Confirmations
Service Confirmation and Invoice Overview

BettaWalka Pro has a complete built-in Invoicing engine. This engine is totally integrated with our advanced scheduling and reporting system, so that you never have to worry about making changes in more than one place. Your invoices can either be emailed directly to your customers or you can print them out; either way, your customers will find their invoice to be both attractive, easy to read and understand.

Invoices from BettaWalka Pro are fully customizable to fit with your company's brand/look-and-feel, and include the ability to automatically inform your customers about your upcoming company Holidays. In addition, you can include custom messages in 6 different places in the invoices, giving you all the flexibility that you need.

In addition to invoices, BettaWalka Pro also includes the Ability to generate and email your customers Service Confirmations. These are very similar to Invoices, but they are usually send at the start of your billing cycle as a reminder to your customers about what Services you currently have scheduled for them.