BettaWalka, Software that runs your Dog Walking or Pet Sitting Business

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Starting a new Business?

BettaWalka Pro can help!

Getting paid with BettaWalka ProIt can be a bit of a shock to discover all of those things that you need to do to get your business off of the ground.

Fortunately, BettaWalka can help. For a start, BettaWalka Pro offers you a standard, easy, way to manage your Appointments and get Paid.

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Things to know

Automatic Text Messaging
With BettaWalka Pro's unique automatic text messaging system, you never need to keep track of who you need to tell about changes. When you make a change that affects the current day's schedule, the BettaLink system intelligently figures out who needs to know about the change and sends them the information they need to know. Yet another unique and powerful feature of BettaWalka Pro. To find out more, click here.

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BettaWalka Pro makes your business look and feel more professional
With its advanced customer access module, professional looking invoices and service confirmations, and email and text-message communications, BettaWalka Pro makes even the smallest business seem bigger and more organized.
BettaWalka saves you money

Have you ever encountered the situation where one of your walkers went to a home only to find that the Dog wasn't there, only to have the customer later dispute their bill, swearing that it was? When the incident was 4 weeks ago and you have no evidence, you probably give in to the customer, and give them a credit.

With BettaWalka Pro, you and your customer find out on the day the service happened, that the service was missed because of their fault, making it easier to hold them to your terms of service.


BettaWalka Pro saves you time

You will save hours each week because BettaWalks Pro makes it easy for you, your employees and even your customers to work together to keep the business information complete and up to date from anywhere and even on the go.

For example, with BettaWalka Pro, your employees can easily report on their activities for you, meaning you can keep track of what actually happened each month, without having to talk to them everyday and enter the information into the system.

BettaWalka Pro works the way you think
The design of BettaWalka Pro was developed with the help of real Dog Walking professionals and many of the advanced features of the system were directly requested from our Beta users. To further improve the experience of our users, we spent hours watching our Beta users using the system and tweaking the interface to make the most common tasks as streamlined as possible.
BettaWalka Pro is easy to use
BettaWalka Pro has been custom built from the ground up to make it possible for anybody, even those without prior experience with business applications, to manage their business.